Sekota to Get Ceramics Factory


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The Himrawi Investment and Trading Private Limited Company recently laid the corner stone for the construction of a ceramic factory in Sekota town of Amhara State at a cost of 220 million Birr.

Company General Manager Frealem Shibabaw said that the company has conducted study and ascertained mineral wealth of Sekota area.

According to the General Manager, Ethiopia exports eight million tiles from China annually expending millions of Birr. Thus, the factory would enable the nation to save hard currency that would have been spent for ceramics importation.

The factory has a capacity to produce two million tons of tiles annually that constitute only 24 per cent of local demand, she added.

The factory will also produce fire bricks useful and input for glass and cement factories. Indicating that such material is not produced in other African countries, Frealem said that the factory will be the first ever fire brick producer in Ethiopia. Quartz paint is another output expected from the upcoming factory. It will produce from factories residue.

According to Frealem, the factories will create over 300 jobs and pay 1.6 million Birr in the form of tax.

Laying the cornerstone, Culture and Tourism Minister Eng. Aysha Mohammed said that the people and the government of Ethiopia have not been utilizing the abundant resources but now efforts are under way to change the resource into economic benefit.

The Minister also called on governmental bodies at all levels and the community to provide support to the investor to make the project a reality.

Waghimra Zone Administrator Yilma Worku said that the project would contribute in creating jobs and promoting mineral wealth for investors.

He said the administration would continue providing support for the realization of the project.