Pfizer Donates Tonometer to Menilik Hospital


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The non-governmental organization Pfizer yesterday donated air puff Tonometer to Menelik II Hospital as part of its contribution to the advancement of patient care in Ethiopia.

Handing over the donation, Country Manager for Nigeria and East Africa Region Mark Wagstaff said the donation is to promote best practices in preventing visual loss from glaucoma through screening.

Hospital Glaucoma Unit Ophthalmologist Dr. Abeba Tekle said nearly 60 glaucoma patients daily receive the service in the hospital. Therefor, the Tonometer will move the medical service and teaching a step forward, she noted.

According to her, there are some survey analysis that indicate most people’s visual loses in Africa are caused by the eye pressure related disease, glaucoma. And it is predicted that 10,000 from one million are living with glaucoma.

“This is because of lack awareness. Most people come to seek medical attention after they have lost one of their eyes or when the problem becomes critical,” Dr. Abeba noted .

However, since there is shortage of medical equipment to give a door-to-door screening service for glaucoma, people need to go for general checkups before any eye problems occur.

According to Dr. Abeba, if five to six months old babies with the symptom are brought to hospitals, their eyes would be healed permanently.