Ethiopia With a Must-See Attractions - Delegates


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The Gada system is largely practised by the Oromo people.

The Conference adopted 33 intangible cultural heritages including Ethiopia’s Gada System.

The 11th UNESCO Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage participants have commended Ethiopia’s hospitality and tourist attractions.

Committee member and Hungarian delegation Ana Siykna also said Ethiopia’s tourist attractions are very fascinating. “We received a warm welcome and our stay was wonderful. So we are very glad of the successful organization of the event.”

She said she would stay behind after the conclusion of the conference to Mount Entoto to look the magnificent view of the Addis Ababa and to Merkato, the big African open market to buy Ethiopian coffee.

Certainly, she said she would come back to Ethiopia to enjoy the hospitality and the wonderful attractions.

The Cape Verdean Shahzad Kibode also said though he knows that Ethiopia is blessed both with tangible and intangible heritages, unfortunately, he had no time to visit them.

He said: “Africa should work more on cultural tourism. It has to show the various hidden intangible tourist attractions to the world. In order to preserve and properly promote the intangible heritages, Africa has to teach its students about history, culture, traditional practices by incorporating the issue in to school curricula.”

He said the Ethiopian hospitality is so pleasant. " I know a number of African countries but people in Ethiopia are very kind and sociable .

Kara Bortoroto, is an anthropologist who came to take part in the session. Though the time is so tight, she had a chance to visit various tourist destinations in and around Addis Ababa. She said: " Entoto, for instance, is very fascinating place and the people are very nice and welcoming. So, this was a very good experience for me."

Planning to visit Ethiopia, she said she would stay longer and visit not only the capital but also other places in the country.

Reflecting on the organization of the conference , she said: " The hospitality is very welcoming and all facilitators help us in getting necessary information. They are really very nice, organized and professional."

German UNESCO Commission delegate Benjamin Hank told this reporter that this was his first visit to Ethiopia. He said as part of the conference he had the opportunity to visit to Mount Entoto and National Museum. " The people, the greenery, the atmosphere were very astonishing, refreshing and welcoming. Though I spent only a couple of day, I enjoyed it."

Regarding the hospitality, he said: " It was very nice. There was grand reception to all the delegates. Every one is very friendly and ready to assist."

He also expressed desire to come to Ethiopia again to visit tourist destinations like Lalibella, Gondar and Bahir Dar.

Over 700 participants from 121 countries attended the five-day conference in which they assessed 49 files for inscription.