Best Places You Can Say 'I Do' in Hawassa


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If tying the knot on beautiful landscape seems too expensive, think again. Celebrating a wedding in Hawassa can actually be luxuries and less costly saving you from throwing one at an average place down the road.

The luxuries hotels in Hawassa such as Haile-resort, Lewi Resort, United Africa Group, Hotel Pinna, Wondo Genet Resort Hotel, and Evening Star arrange anything from a small vow ceremony to a black-tie affair for a full classy wedding serving you with world class cousins. The best part of it is you can stay for romantic honeymoon that you will treasure for life.

The best wedding venues in this stunning small town vary from a beautiful mansion to lush gardens, ranches and beach ceremonies. Certainly a lot goes into planning a wedding from picking the right wedding venue, budget, location the list goes on. But Hawassa got you covered, here it’s easier to pinpoint the best wedding venues for every couple.

Weddings can be kept simple yet beautiful and if you’re looking for a wide variety of top spots. The town has multiple areas where the ceremony can take place, all of which vary in style and theme. Decorated with freshly collected roses and furniture’s wedding here can offer you a dream wedding without breaking the bank.

If you ever wish for over the top beach wedding, Hawassa offers a fairytale set up right here in the most luxurious hotels right here in the southern sparkling vibrant town Hawassa. Each room has a different vibe, from the main room on the first floor with its marvelous facilities and great beach views this will definitely wows your every expectation. Mix it up and get married on the grassland outside or on the nearby beach to really make for a unique and treasured experience.

Luxuries ceremony price starts from 50,000 birr for both ceremony and reception. It’s situated on the beautiful coast where you will feel like you’re miles away from the common and average things.

Lewi Resort

Whether you choose a wedding spot on the gardens at the resort or one of their many ballrooms, there are endless options to make an idyllic wedding. Plus it’s glamorous; ceremonies take place in the courtyard in front of a stunning crystal clear waters and outdoor receptions. Truly those looking for a vintage vibe will adore the beach ceremonies. Nestled close to the beach in Langano, this nature extravaganza is a paradise.

If a white pelicans gliding on a shimmering river is your idea of wedding consider Hawassa where you can have sunset weddings on its terrace overlooking a massive beach. Undoubtedly this place will bring your dream wedding into reality.